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The amazing [ profile] dannyfranx has sent me a curlew pin badge! Her job is doing wonderful clever things to help birds and she managed to get her hands on this for me, and I love it. It's extra amazing because I have bought several of the RSPB's pin badges myself featuring shore birds, but I could never find a curlew one despite searching both in RL and on the internet. There didn't seem to BE one, so this is an extra-special surprise and has made me a very flappy bird indeed.

It is also particularly lovely getting post from danny because she decorates the envelopes so beautifully, it makes it seem quite magical. ♥

The other thing I got sent today was this marvel, and I must say ABOUT TIME TOO, because nobody had sent me any Justin Trudeau links for WEEKS.

I don't know if the embeddy thing works, if not, here is Trudy rating memes and tweets about himself. He gets a bit stern at one point, heh.

And lastly, the people at Three Patch Podcast are conducting a survey on Fandom and Sexuality, and it closes TODAY. Thanks to [ profile] gracerene for promoting it, because I hadn't seen this was happening at all, and it seems like a really worthwhile and interesting study, so please do take part if you have 30 mins to spare.

I hope everyone is having a good day?
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Have you got the Leviosa blues? No ticket to Vegas? Pining for your flist?

Don't mope in a corner, come here and LET ME LOVE YOU!

Comment below and I will roll a die on your behalf. Depending on the roll of the die, you will receive:

1) Compliments about your general loveliness

2) Photo of Justin Trudeau a handsome chap or lady

3) A haiku on a topic of my choosing

4) Poetry inspired by my feelings for you

5) Picspam of a subject of your choosing

6) A fabulous Nic Cage picture

WOW. Pretty amazing, right? Worth staying home for? YES.

Anyone can request some love, whether you are an old friend, a new friend, or maybe you just stumbled across this post while looking for something on the internet and have NO idea who I am?


p.s. feel ABSOLUTELY FREE to steal this and offer love on your own LJ.
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I've got to do bedtime here but as soon as the young Birds are asleep, I'm in the mood for some tomfoolery. Please check back around 8 pm or so if you have time to spare for shenanigans. \o/

Here we go - in honour of [ profile] hd_collab sign ups beginning today, let's collaborate. \o/ All of us, right here!

I've started a couple of stories below. Add a sentence or two and sit back and see what happens. Mix up genres, tropes, writing styles, pairings - switch fandom mid story if you feel like it. Artists and non-writers join in too - it's not meant to be a writing competition, it's meant to be fun and probably bloody ridiculous. If you don't feel like expressing yourself in words, gifs or sketches are totally admissable.

If the story branches off because two people reply to the same comment, just go with it! We can have multiple endings. If none of the stories here appeal, start your own by beginning a new comment thread and putting a TITLE for the story in the subject line.

Comment as many times as you like! Start different threads! Be creative! Be bold! Be silly! Be filthy! Keep it short and fast-moving if possible.

Don't be shy! Come and PLAYYYYYY! We might write a new fandom classic together! ♥ ♥ ♥


How Ron Got Detention (was: Ron's Big Moment), by [ profile] birdsofshore, [ profile] lightofdaye, [ profile] cabinetcaligari, and [ profile] amorette. It branches off a few times but we got there in the end.

I have to go to bed now but please keep playing! I'd be delighted to wake up in the morning to plenty more collaborations. I'll add any finished ones to a masterlist. Have fun ♥


Scuba by the lovely [ profile] anemonen, an illustration for the (as yet unfinished) fic Harry's new hobby, written by [ profile] anemonen, [ profile] birdsofshore, [ profile] capitu, [ profile] dicta_contrion, [ profile] praevarus, and [ profile] cabinetcaligari, but especially for [ profile] dicta_contrion's killer line: Harry advanced, his flippers smacking sensuously against the hardwood floors.

I'm so happy this nonsensical little fest is producing genuinely fabulous things \o/

I'm sorry, I can't play again tonight. I have to catch up on some writing, but please do read through the comments - some of them are hilarious, while others are wonderfully kinky (some are hilarious AND kinky) - and carry on playing and writing as much as you like!
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Hey, [ profile] capitu, I saw this and, for some reason, thought of you. :DDD

Record for the most anal-oral sex euphemisms said in 90 seconds (NSFW)

I'd like to use some of these. ~In fic, of course ;-). I especially like 'making out on the back porch'. Which one is your favourite?

In other news, [ profile] torino10154's fabulous BLOW JOB FRIDAY is coming fast (pun intended). I hope many of my lovely flist are planning to join in with some delicious fellatio / cunnilingus fanworks?
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I notice young Mr Radcliffe has been quite busy of late. I will say up front that he is not my Harry, although I am terribly fond of the HP films. But he seems an absolute sweetheart, and unlike certain actors we know, whenever he opens his mouth (as himself) to speak about anything of note, something really fabulous usually comes out. I also thought he was actually bloody good in Kill Your Darlings.

Anyway, here are the trailers for his two latest films. What do you think? Will you be going to see either of these? He does seem to avoid with a vengeance the possibility of being typecast in his roles, and these two films seem in particular contrast. I can easily see him in a romantic comedy, being a sort of self-deprecating, funny, adorable chap, because I think that's who he actually IS. I'm not at all sure yet about seeing him with the US accent and the raunchy edginess of Horns. But I'm perfectly happy to be convinced.

Trailers and so on under the cut... )
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Four things which caught my eye this week:

Click if bored )

If you think I have been posting rather a lot this week, well, yes, it's a fair cop. I've really enjoyed it (and can only apologise if you haven't) but I'll probably dry up at last, now. Mr Birds was off all week helping with the kids because most of us were ill, and I felt too cruddy to write, so there was nothing much to do except read fic and talk nonsense on LJ. I'm a lot better now, though, and if I do get any spare time I should really spend it writing for some of these fests I have signed up for. O_O But thanks to everyone who has chatted with me - it has been a great distraction on some pretty crappy days. <3
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It's up to you which order you want them, whether you want to end on a downer (I'm looking at you, [ profile] hd_hurtfest lovers ;-)), or get it over with first and then enjoy all of the happy.

(some images NSFW, depending on where you work)


~ Several people have been arrested in China for writing fanfic DDDD:

I like Jill Pantozzi's reponse to the news:
I say we double our slash efforts to support their freedom to fic. Who’s with me?

Sounds like a fine plan.


~ Every Harry Potter Movie Summarised in Terrible Microsoft Paint Drawings

This should possibly have gone over there with the terrible things. But I laughed. "gettin real sick of ur shit harree" XDD

~ That naughty Tom Felton is at it again, at Fan Expo, Vancouver 2014

~ These rather fabulous homo-erotic Finnish stamps

Tom of Finland stamps

but I prefer this version: (ALL WEEK I kept thinking, I have seen this art before somewhere...)

~ I was nominated at the [ profile] hpfanficfanpoll thingamabobs! Thank you very much to the person who thought of me. ♥  It's awfully flattering. Especially so when I look at the other people who have been nominated.

I don't know if they are waiting until the nominations period is over to tell people, but I didn't know my fic was in there, until [ profile] eidheann_writes posted about it. So do go and look, if you're interested, because there's some super stuff there.

~ I saved the best until last. Under a cut just to make the anticipation more thrilling.....

I want to see these on sale at Amazon, so I can put one on my wishlist and wait to see if my mother mentions it. At the bottom it would say "People who bought this, also shopped for.... TAKEN BY THE T-REX".

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~~~Come and play at the HD OTP comment fest...

hdcommentmeme copy
Mar 13 - Mar 21
Prompt and Fill Meme

I wrote something ridiculous for the prompt Broom Closet, and now I want ALL the prompts to be filled. Comment fests are such fun; I want to play all weekend!

More lovely things )

What is making you happy this fine evening?
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I noticed I was still getting comments on What Potter Wants, so I googled to see if it had been recced somewhere (I had a fic recced on a facebook page once, and I got comments for aaaaaaaages).

Anyway, I found this:

Insane commercial webpage, with my fic on it, with lots of words changed ???!!

Everything else on there looks like boring articles trying to sell you dodgy supplements and whatnot, and then... MY FIC. All mangled to fuck O_o

It seems to have gone through a weird translation process where odd words have been substituted with synonyms. And then, other words have just been substituted with something totally random. IT'S BRILLIANT. It's so much funnier now. In fact, I think I might ask them to do this to ALL my fics :DDD

Here is a sample, to whet your appetite:

Malfoy's handiwork was moving under his robes )

ETA: OMG they have PLENTY of fanfic on there:
I haven't found any flisters stories on there yet, but I'm still looking....

ETA AGAIN: WE HAVE PODFIC, I REPEAT, WE HAVE PODFIC! The amazing [ profile] queenie_mab has recorded the garble-ised fic and posted it here on AO3. I cried laughing. CRIED.
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But first....

~~ Further to the discussions about concrit etc etc (don't worry, I have absolutely zero desire to stir it all up again) I need to tell you I made some changes to my rec post for [ profile] megyal's gorgeous fic Truffles, Noble Lord of the Sky, and added an email that megyal sent me and asked to have included. It's here:

~~ Furthermore, [ profile] megyal, who is spoiling us this month, has written a gem of a story for my choice of trope: "forced bed sharing." O, forced bedsharing, how do I love thee? This fic is full of her usual poetry and magic, and at under 2k, it's a delicious treat. I read it twice and some of the lines made me stop and read them again and again because they are just so rich and fine.

when we're done sleeping (we'll stay busy dreaming)

click for links and nonse )
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I've seen this meme going around and thought what a great idea it was. However, I decided to make it more exciting (for me, that is, heh) by adding an element of randomness to the whole proceedings.

Basically, if you decide to play, I will give you something. BUT! In the spirit of Halloween mischief, you may not like what you get. I will ROLL A DICE to find out what scary fabulous thing to award you.

Trick or Treat )
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I love talking with you all here each week / day / hour / insert own level of addiction, but I often think I don't even know basic stuff about your LJ , like what your username means, what your icons are, etc etc. Come and tell me everything.

humour me here )
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Looking at my flist, I see your birthday already happened, [ profile] alby_mangroves :S but LJ tells me that your birthday just started, in my part of the world.... So if you just get on a plane to the UK, you can have it all over again! Yay!

I bet you are up to your ears in picspam, but HAVE SOME MORE! because: PRETTY MEN!
Bradley and others... )
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I think I am in love with Leigh Lahav. Her videos are so funny, clever and cute, and she makes being a fangirl look COOL instead of sad and desperate.

Fangirls go back to school video )
This made me laugh this week:

Marauders dream cast )
J and I have been watching the Hitchhikers' TV series and now I REALLY REALLY NEED MORE FORD / ARTHUR SLASH. I am not proud. I'm begging you, flist. Omi wrote me this wonderful thing but it just made me want moooooore.
Capitu is hosting this interesting rec list. Yay, for reminders of much-loved stories, and finding new authors and fics:

Self-pimping rec list )


Did you see the first Level Two episode? What did you think? My crushing on artists is reaching new, preposterous heights, because there is more than one of my favourite artists working on this project TOGETHER, and my heart just can't take it. Look at this:

Uninhibited squeeing )

Finally, I am impatient for [ profile] hp_drizzle and [ profile] hp_silencio to start posting!! New fests woohoo!

How was your fandom week?


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