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I am awash with endorphins after the relief of rescuing my fic from the clutches of doom the google server error earlier. I want to share some happiness around!

These are the things that are making my day sparkly.
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Wishing you all a happy weekend.
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Thank you so much to everyone for making my birthday full of amazing surprises! You are all quite incredibly kind and thoughtful. I was at work during the day but when I got home there were so many wondrous things and messages waiting for me. !!!! I had the best time. You certainly know how to spoil a bird.

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There have been some amazing things lately (I'm not even nearly on top of it all) and here is a mere handful of the lovely stuff that is out there:

Recs: two art and two fic )

WELL, in other news, I finished and submitted something for a fest (I had technically dropped this one but managed to get inspired again literally in the nick of time, hoorah!). I think a couple of you spotted me already, heh.

ANNNNNND I'm going to see Cursed Child on Wednesday and I'm PRETTY DARNED EXCITED. I won't post anything about it on my public LJ, but if you're not already on my Cursed Child filter and would like to be added, please let me know!

Bonus Albus/Scorp photo from rehearsals which may be inspiring for Next Genners:

MY HEART. I don't know what's happening here but I WANT MORE OF IT.
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The amazing primavera_oloin has created some more art for my Euphoria series and I'm FLAILING at how beautiful and hot it is.

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Aaannnd... this seems a good time to promote the wonderful [ profile] hp_crossgenfest which begins today! I am quite picky about cross gen pairings but if there's a Malfoy and a Potter involved, I'm usually right there, so I have high hopes ;)

come join [ profile] hp_crossgenfest!

Art by [ profile] thilia, Banner by [ profile] capitu

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An amazing person has made some fanart for Euphoria! I'm over the moon!

You can find the art here at their tumblr.  It's so darned pretty and asksdfghjklfghjklghjklsdfhgjklfghjkl! (Warnings: boys kissing, cross-gen, Albus Severus / Scorpius, Albus Severus / Draco). I love the different dynamic in the two scenes, and the characterisations of the three of them.

 *bounces madly*

Hey, [ profile] capitu, does this count as a rec? :D
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I posted a fic at [ profile] hp_kinkfest.

Title: Hand in Glove
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Artist: [ profile] shiftylinguini
Kink Showcased: Glove kink
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~9k
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: His fingers are cool and steady against my skin and I imagine I can smell the scent of leather on them already, expensive, addictive... but it's not enough. He traces the line of my jaw, tilts my chin up so that I'm looking into his eyes. “Should I put the gloves on?” He sounds playful, as if this is just a game between us. A bit of fun.

“Yes.” My voice is always hoarser than I expect. I never remember quite how deep the knife-twist of desire bites into me.

Warnings: Glove kink. Hand kink. Sex in risky places. Antagonism. Some hints of D/s dynamics.
A/N: Massive thanks to the patient and brilliant dicta_contrion for beta services.

I really enjoyed getting stuck into this kink. I could sort of see the appeal of gloves, although it wasn't something that I'd ever thought about an awful lot... however NOW... O__O I'm all about gloves. I really enjoy when I can think myself into the headspace of someone with a fetish and try to get what it is all about.

When I was several thousand words into writing this fic I posted on LJ saying I was having some problems with Harry 1st person. I hoped people would have some tips for me. Ha! Ha! Instead, the consensus was, DON'T DO IT.

The problem was that I was already mightily invested in the story, and when I tried to rephrase into 3rd person I realised that it would need a total rewrite if I was going to change POV. So despite feeling really pigheaded for ignoring the advice, I persevered with 1st person. I know that it wasn't a total success, but I do feel parts of it worked well. I'm not sure if I'd attempt it again or not. I can totally see why people's advice was to steer clear, but I enjoyed trying, anyway. I'm still intrigued by what makes Harry sound like Harry, so I may well have another go one day.

The best thing for me about writing this was that there was one scene that I couldn't get out of my head. It's so simple, and funny really, considering all of the filthy goings on - but it's the part where Malfoy tells Harry to kiss the glove. It had such resonance for me and I could see it really clearly in my mind. So, I plucked up the cheek to ask [ profile] shiftylinguini if she fancied having a go at drawing something for the fic. And SHE SAID YES. ♥ My heart! That was amazing enough, but then after she'd read it, she produced something completely asdfghjksdfghjklfghjklasdfghjkl. I'm so so thrilled with it. Even if you don't fancy the story, you could go and leave some love for the art.

However, before linguini's incredible art existed, I did a little bit of internet research *cough* and found what I like to call Mr Glove!Dom. He was kind of inspiring to me while I was writing the fic and I thought it would be nice to share him with you:


Now my only problem is that I keep dreaming about buying pair of really fucking nice leather gloves. I've made a shortlist of the ones I want, and I can't afford any of them. *sigh* The pitfalls of fanfiction.
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Yay, reveals! Claiming my [ profile] hd_erised fic. \o/

Title: Rough Magic
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~28,500
Warnings: Some mild d/s themes (a little light magical bondage), some mild consent issues
Content/Enticements: UST, first times, outdoor sex, post-war, the Forbidden Forest.
Summary: Malfoy's magic has run wild. But though wild magic is unpredictable and greatly feared, Harry's damned if he's going to let Malfoy rot in St Mungo's while they work out what to do with him.

Ramblings, thanks, and art )
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Title: Undone
Artist: [ profile] raitala
Characters: Hugo Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Severus Potter
Rating: G

asdfghjklssdfghjkl, would you look at this, [ profile] raitala made art for the second part of my Draco/Albus Severus story, Undone. It's the moment when Hugo, Scorpius and Albus see Draco arriving at the party, and oohhhhhhhh, it's so perfect! I had such fun thinking about the clothes that young wizards would wear at a party, 25 years down the line, and [ profile] raitala has captured them on paper brilliantly. Albus and his pouty face, and the million tiny buttons! Look at Scorp with his handsome face and sharp threads. And Hugo! My god, he's perfect! The whole thing makes me beam.

Getting art for my fic is just about my favourite thing in the world. I feel like Christmas came early. The art is completely WS and you don't need to have read the fic to enjoy it, because it also works simply as a great portrait of 3 next gen characters. Please leave the creator lots of love. ♥

Art for Undone

I have got LOADS more Draco/Albus planned, by the way, so thanks so much to everyone who commented and made me feel less of a pervert for wanting to write Albus getting thoroughly bummed by Draco again and again and again.

TALKING OF CHRISTMAS. Erised tomorrow.

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Made For My Collar is the latest entry at [ profile] hd_fanart. God, but it's lovely. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, a certain fandom treasure made this astonishing thing: First Catch Your Dragon (H/D, PG-13). A smitten birds adored it so much that I wrote a fic for it: Turning the Tables (H/D, PG-13, themes of D/s). I then prompted a scene from that fic for the art fest (is your head spinning, yet?). And a nameless, wonderful person has done this with it:

Title: Made For My Collar
Artist: Anonymous
Media: Pencil and P/S
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: D/s themes

I feel like I've been waiting forever for a really beautiful H/D collaring scene. And here it is, as delicious as I could ever have wished, and then some. ♥
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Well, yesterday I complained that I was feeling ill and having a crappy day, and then things just started happening, and gorgeous things too.

All the funny, pretty, smutty, wonderful things )
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banner by [ profile] capitu

Ahhh, I sort of dropped the ball with reccing. I've been all wrapped up in my [ profile] hd_erised fic (finally fell in love with it *beam*) and didn't feel like reading much at all. A lot of what I read was mostly from other people's Rectober posts, though, so thank you very much indeed to all who provided me with great suggestions of what to read.

4 recs: 2 fic, 2 art )

Oh, and there are still TWO WHOLE DAYS OF RECTOBER LEFT. So, if you signed up but never managed a post yet, there's still time! if you were aiming for 4 posts but only managed 3 *shifty eyes*, there's still time! If you've only just heard of Rectober, why not jump on board for the last 2 days?

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Well, it was my birthday last week, and I had the most amazing time. Me and Mr Birds and the boys had a really super family day planned, and that all went well and I'll tell you about it in a bit. And I had a great time later, seeing my friend and going out to the cinema, and that was fabulous, too.

But, the thing that really floored me was the ~~FANDOM LOVE~~. OMG, you chaps really know how to make a person feel special. The internet connection where we were was a bit crappy, but I kept getting bursts of it and then just DYING with laughter or hotness or just perfectness at the things that were happening on LJ. [ profile] catplusfox just said it was like I was buried in fandom love, and, wow, it's a great thing to be, that's all I am saying.

I have to share all the brilliant things with you. I honestly feel like the luckiest bird ever. Take a deep breath, because it's all too good and too much fun.

An embarrassment of riches )

I was going to also talk about RL stuff that happened that day, but it got too long, so I'll do birthday part 2 very soon.
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Gosh, what a very exciting day for art and fic. I woke up late and LJ was just FULL of gorgeous stuff and I have only just had time to finish looking and commenting properly on it.

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Darling [ profile] dustmouth has been doing request sketches, and then posted the most amazing set of things for us all to enjoy. It's almost too awesome. There is dancing, and bums, and cats, and bums, and trying on trousers, and bums, and cooking, and REALLY SO MANY BUMS. My second favourite is Draco trying to see if his bum looks good in his new trousers, and Harry coming home and catching him. DRACO'S FACE, OMG. I have looked at it about 16 times and I just can't stop hooting. It's so perfect.

But, my FAVOURITE favourite is the one for ME and it's for my FIC and I'm SO HAPPY and please give [ profile] dustmouth all of the love (and go here and see all the others; it's a total treat).

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~~~Come and play at the HD OTP comment fest...

hdcommentmeme copy
Mar 13 - Mar 21
Prompt and Fill Meme

I wrote something ridiculous for the prompt Broom Closet, and now I want ALL the prompts to be filled. Comment fests are such fun; I want to play all weekend!

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What is making you happy this fine evening?
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I've been so looking forward to finding the time to sit and write this rec post. I was so amazingly lucky last week while Let Me Count the Ways was on, that I didn't really know where to put myself. It was just one day of massive excitement after another.

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I've been looking forward to finding the time to post and say thank you for all the wonderful things I received over the Christmas period.

Festive gifts )

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