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I got in bother for flocking my last rec post. This one is going to get me my moment of fame in the [ profile] daily_snitch! Oh yes!Recs from DTH... )
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IT'S JUST THAT GOOD. I always say I don't care who takes it up the arse. But OMG I care SO MUCH about a Toppy, Dommy Draco. And the [ profile] dracotops_harry fest always delivers.


The art and fic from the first day have just about slayed me. SERIOUSLY. Have you SEEN them? I think the rest of the fest will finish me off. There's fic and art coming from some of my favourite people. And two of my prompts got claimed and whoever is writing them, I love you already.

That first fic just has me wanting to follow the writer around forever with a soppy look on my face. I NEED AN INTERVENTION HERE.

Meanwhile, have some recs:

2 from DTH and 2 general H/D )

I feel like I've been quiet lately; I've not been in the best state of mind and have been feeling a bit low in mood and confidence at times, but I'm trying to be around more. I'd love to hear if you've enjoyed any of these, or what you've been reading/writing, or what you're excited about, or ANYTHING.
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OH MY. There are some completely amazing prompts over at [ profile] dracotops_harry.  I currently have two piles: ones I think I could pick up and write something quick and smutty for, and ones I want to read the bejesus out of.

Prompts, prompts, prompts )
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All kinds of good things are happening today.

First, I'm happy to be able to claim my [ profile] dracotops_harry fic, yay! I wrote something quite absurd, but I had such fun doing it. I understand the consent warnings may be offputting; all I can say to reassure you is that it's a humorous fic and not angsty in any way.

I also have to own up to possibly being a bit naughty. I love top!Draco, it's a real favourite for me, but knowing that I *had* to write top!Draco set off my mischievous streak. I wondered if I could write a bottom!Harry while somehow subverting the situation. Anyway, my brain came up with this:

Title: Be Prepared
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Summary: Draco was just trying to have a quiet bath. Now Potter has some explaining to do.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Major consent issues, although everyone has a mighty fine time. Sneaky!Harry. Voyeurism. Ridiculousness.
Word Count: ~3600
Author's Notes: Dear [ profile] traintracks, you leave the best prompts. I am not quite sure this was exactly what you had in mind, but I very much hope you'll enjoy it anyway. Many thanks to my lovely betas, [ profile] zeitgeistic and [ profile] omi_ohmy.

More happy stuff )


May. 7th, 2014 02:47 pm
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I realised I missed a fic I wanted to rec at [ profile] dracotops_harry! It's the fest that keeps on giving ;-)
Transformation )

And, I was a bit tired to do much reading last night, so I spent a happy evening browsing on deviantart. I found some very nice Dracos that I mostly hadn't seen before:

7 Dracos, all ratings )

Do let me know if you liked the art, or if you've read the fic?
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Well, wasn't the [ profile] dracotops_harry fest bloody marvellous? I was in clover. Bucketloads of smut, toppy!Draco, loads of humour, so many favourite tropes and kinks, romance, not too much plot ;-), and some phenomenal art too.

In the interests of clearing the boards before I start on [ profile] hp_kinkfest, and *cough* possibly to score a few points at writ's Comment-a-thon as well, here is my second batch of recs from the fest. There were actually others that I could have recced; I have just picked my top top favourites.

4 recs for Harry/Draco, and 1 for Sherlock RPS crossover O_o )
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I meant to do this as I went along, and now I am reaping the wotsit of my own indolence. There are LOADS of lovely fics over at [ profile] dracotops_harry, and here are a few of my favourites so far.

Also, I wanted to go on the record and come clean as being someone who used to think topping / bottoming preferences were weird. I thought it was a bit sad, childish or even creepy, if I am completely honest. (Yeah, right, because everything I do around here is so MATURE and NORMAL O_o). I still can't personally relate to ONLY reading one person topping, but I completely get the idea of fests based around one or the other.

If I had to pick a favourite, for me it would definitely be Top!Draco. Although [ profile] capitu pointed out to me that I write Top!Harry more often in my own fics. How did that happen? I didn't believe her, and had to go and check. She was right.O_o Anyway, this is a roundabout way of saying 'Sorry I used to think it was weird.' I didn't actually SAY anything much about it being weird, but I THOUGHT it quite a lot. :DD I was wrong. Topping / bottoming preferences are perfectly good kinks just like any other, and perfect fests like [ profile] dracotops_harry grow out of them. So, hoorah.

This way for recs )

What have your favourites been? Did you like these? I'd love to chat about the fest.
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~~~Come and play at the HD OTP comment fest...

hdcommentmeme copy
Mar 13 - Mar 21
Prompt and Fill Meme

I wrote something ridiculous for the prompt Broom Closet, and now I want ALL the prompts to be filled. Comment fests are such fun; I want to play all weekend!

More lovely things )

What is making you happy this fine evening?


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