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Claiming my [ profile] hp_crossgenfest fic. \o/

Title: Observing the Proprieties
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Pairing(s): Albus Severus/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~7,000
Content/Warnings: Highly inappropriate teacher/student activity, some dub-con, age difference 17/43
Summary: Professor Malfoy is determined to teach his students to follow his instructions to the letter. The problem is that Albus enjoys detention just a little too much.
A/N: Thank you to the lovely [ profile] shiftylinguini for this most tempting and delicious prompt, to my beta, [ profile] lq_traintracks,  for being endlessly patient and helpful, and to [ profile] gracerene for being a brilliant mod and running such a great fest.

I got a bit stuck with this one and in fact dropped out of the fest at one point. Then at the last minute, inspiration struck again and I was able to squeak it in just in time. I chose this prompt because I cannot refuse anything [ profile] shiftylinguini asks of me I was intrigued by the erotic potential of directing and not touching. I hope I did it justice. Thank you to everyone who gave this a try - your comments were much appreciated. ♥

Observing the Proprieties
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The amazing primavera_oloin has created some more art for my Euphoria series and I'm FLAILING at how beautiful and hot it is.

Click here for art )

Aaannnd... this seems a good time to promote the wonderful [ profile] hp_crossgenfest which begins today! I am quite picky about cross gen pairings but if there's a Malfoy and a Potter involved, I'm usually right there, so I have high hopes ;)

come join [ profile] hp_crossgenfest!

Art by [ profile] thilia, Banner by [ profile] capitu

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This is for anyone who has read Euphoria / Rapture, my series about Draco, Albus and Scorpius getting it on. (yes, I know there are only about 5 of you, but I love each and every one of you :DD)

What house do you think Euphoria!Albus was in at Hogwarts? And please tell me why in the comments.

[Poll #2046882][Poll #2046882]

I am planning some more of the series, and I'd love to hear what you think, and why. ♥

(p.s. Blatant self-promotion :D If you haven't read the stories yet, and you think you might enjoy a filthy cross gen threesome, they are now both on AO3:

as well as LJ:
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Title: Rapture
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Pairing:  Draco / Albus Severus / Scorpius
Word count: ~15k
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: ahaha *nervous laugh*. Threesomes, jealousy, pining, powerplay, orgasm denial, Malfoys being Malfoys, Draco being an utter dick, blow jobs, wanking, smutty smut, kind of incesty. Really kind of incesty.
Summary: Al is turning twenty, and Scorpius is determined to give him a birthday that they’ll all remember. Sequel to Euphoria.
A/N: Well, this is sort of complicated. This is a late birthday present for [ profile] gracerene. So sorry, grace, I started writing this absolutely ages ago, intending to give it to you for your birthday. Unfortunately life and other writing commitments got in the way. *hangs head* Anyway, here I am posting it on Draco’s birthday. So it’s a present for our beloved Mr Malfoy, as well. But the story itself is about Albus’ birthday. Confused yet?

Thank you, [ profile] gracerene, for being such a lovely part of fandom - you’re a super writer, commenter, reader, mod, and fandom cheerleader. I don’t know how you manage it all! ♥ Please forgive the lateness of this gift. I loved revisiting these three kinky bastards and very much hope that you enjoy what they get up to here.

A massive thank you to [ profile] lq_traintracks and [ profile] who_la_hoop for betaing this for me.
Rapture, part 1 )
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The first round of [ profile] wand_in_a_knot is over and I thoroughly recommend having a look if you have not been following the fest. There are so many different pairings and genres there and the standard of what I've read has been brilliant. I'm just reading the (gorgeous) final entry which is an amazing 8000 words!

I took the opportunity to polish my entry a little bit more and post it over at AO3. If anyone would like to take a look, it is here:

Title: Fit
Creator: birdsofshore
Pairing /Character: Draco / Albus Severus
Summary: Draco needs a new suit. Albus is keen to assist in any way possible.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~4k
Warnings: Age disparity. Unbetaed.

I'd also like to rec Vaysh's entry, which left me breathless and stunned:

Title: Out in the Octagon
Creator: vaysh
Pairing /Character: Draco Malfoy/Gregory Goyle, Draco Malfoy/Astoria Malfoy née Greengrass
Prompt: "This is absolutely the last time."
Summary: Draco Malfoy is here for the magic that is Gregory Goyle.
Rating: R
Word count: 1260
Warnings: closeted gay character, MMA cage fighting, violence, mentions of arranged marriage

This fic was sheer magic.  Sensual, violent, obsessive, poetic - I was enthralled by this pairing and the addictive intensity of how Draco sees Goyle.
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Title: Chaser, part 3 and COMPLETE
Author: birdsofshore
Pairing: Draco / Albus Severus
Word count: 3 x 100 (total 8 x 100)
Rating: R? NC-17? Not sure?
Content / warnings: Age disparity, mild angst

Author’s Notes: Dear [ profile] shiftylinguini, I never meant to keep you hanging on like this for the ending but a vomity child situation developed here and things have been slightly fraught. APOLOGIES. I will now post this in haste. ENJOY, you delightful creature! This is the end of the story - I hope it gives you a fraction of the pleasure that your friendship, talent and enthusiasm have given me since we met. ♥

[ profile] lumosed_quill helped loads, though she is denying it!

Part 1
Part 2
Chaser, part 3 )
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Title: Chaser, part 2
Author: birdsofshore
Pairing: Draco / Albus Severus
Word count: 3 x 100 (total 8 x 100)
Rating: R? NC-17? Not sure?
Content / warnings: Age disparity, Harry-bashing from Draco's POV

Author’s Notes: For everyone's favourite furtive pasta, shiftylinguini, on your birthday. Another 300 words of Draco / Albus, and there's more to come later today. I hope you're having a wonderful day. What time are you planning on going to bed? :D

[ profile] lumosed_quill was a wonderful help with this but I have dicked around with it endlessly, so nothing here is her fault.

Part 1 is here
Chaser, part 2 )
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Title: Chaser, part 1
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Pairing: Draco / Albus Severus
Word count: 2 x 100 (total 8 x 100)
Rating: PG-13 (eventual NC-17)
Content / warnings: Age disparity, a little light Harry and Ron-bashing from Draco’s POV

Author’s Notes: For the incomparable [ profile] shiftylinguini on your birthday. Oh my word, isn’t it a joy to have you around the place? You bring amazing fandom enthusiasm, pretty boys with stunning noses, and monster veiny cocks. I thought *my* comments were excitable until I saw yours. Forever glad that you delurked. ♥

I’m sorry this is a puny thing, but I hope you enjoy. There are 8 drabbles in this set but I shall be posting in installments, totally not because I am still fiddling with the later ones. Have a wonderful day. I've been counting on my fingers for a while and I'm pretty sure it's your birthday now, even if you're asleep :D

Many thanks to lovely [ profile] lumosed_quill for the speedy help!

Chaser, part 1 )
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Prompting is OPEN at [ profile] hp_crossgenfest \o/ \o/ \o/

And there are already some terrifyingly hot prompts. *whimper* I could honestly devote the rest of the year to reading and writing them. Please go and add more... and don't forget to choose which one is your favourite while you're there. ♥

come join [ profile] hp_crossgenfest!

Art by [ profile] thilia, Banner by [ profile] capitu
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An amazing person has made some fanart for Euphoria! I'm over the moon!

You can find the art here at their tumblr.  It's so darned pretty and asksdfghjklfghjklghjklsdfhgjklfghjkl! (Warnings: boys kissing, cross-gen, Albus Severus / Scorpius, Albus Severus / Draco). I love the different dynamic in the two scenes, and the characterisations of the three of them.

 *bounces madly*

Hey, [ profile] capitu, does this count as a rec? :D
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[ profile] hp_kinkfest is claiming this week! And the Prompt List is AMAZING. O__O

The fest has a brief timeline which encourages short and intense works, and you can request your own posting date. It's a really low-stress, low-fuss, all-round excellent fest and you can choose from the list of kinky ideas or write/draw for your own idea - any kink, any pairing.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see an explosion of KINKY ART for this fest? It doesn't have to be explicit... (I know a lot of people feel shy about posting NC-17 art). Lots of the prompts lend themselves to something slightly suggestive but not full on porny. And I may have left a few prompts there myself, waiting to find a home in someone's divinely kinky brain.

I have added a few tags with things that I have seen prompted at kinkfest, or just that I think might be inspiring, heh.

Thank you so much to whoever claimed one of my things already! CANNOT WAIT. ♥

Please come and play... I have claimed a prompt and I can't wait to get started on something short and steamy \o/

[ profile] hp_kinkfest
Prompt Submission: 28 December 2015 – 3 January 2016
Prompt Claiming/Sign-ups: 6 January – 10 January 2016
Posting: begins 1 February 2016
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Phew! I thought I was going to have to chuck myself out of Rectober for a while there*. I was aiming for a rec post a week, and time was ticking. But here I am, with 3 delicious art recs which I hope you enjoy.

banner by [ profile] capitu

* p.s. nobody actually gets chucked out of Rectober, and you're all amazing - I see people reccing every day fgs! You're the best! But even one rec over the month is a triumph for Rectober, and if you're interested, it's not too late to sign up and start reccing. Just click on the banner for more info.

3 art recs: H/D, Harry/Scorpius, and Stucky )
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Claiming my [ profile] hp_crossgenfest fic \o/

Title: Euphoria
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Pairing(s): Draco/Albus Severus, Albus Severus/Scorpius, Draco/Albus Severus/Scorpius *hides face* I'm so sorry.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~22,500
Content/Warnings: Where do I start? It's a 22k PWP. O_O. Serious consent issues, sex under the influence of alcohol and potions, voyeurism, a threesome, jealousy, a little angst, infidelity kink, orgasm delay, powerplay, wanking, really quite a lot of anal sex, kind-of incest, a tiny bit of H/D UST, age disparity 19/45.
Summary: A fire is prickling in the pit of my belly. I feel a little like I'm watching this happening to someone else. Al's sitting there, reeking of another man's sweat and come. He looks miserable and anxious... but also well-fucked. I look at his mussed hair, his bitten lips. I've never wanted him more.
Author's Notes: Thank you so much to my wonderful betas, [ profile] who_la_hoop and [ profile] lumosed_quill, for bravely grappling with 20k of my perverted filth. :D Many thanks also to [ profile] capitu, for sterling support from the sidelines, and to [ profile] gracerene for being super-flexible with deadlines. ♥

Musings about writing this (feel free to skip) )

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Title: Albus Alone
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Pairing: Draco / Albus Severus
Word count: ~6200
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Age disparity (43/17). A further 5k of angsty wanking. I'm serious. It might be time for an intervention.
Summary: I've got to stop this. Right now. Today. Forever.

A/N: This is basically all [ profile] raitala's fault. She's been asking for a 5k wank for quite a long time. Well, here it is, my dear, with 1k of Al's family thrown in at the beginning, which can serve as the fiddly bit of foil you have to unwrap before you can get at the chocolate underneath.

Thank you so much to [ profile] lumosed_quill and [ profile] raitala for betaing and ongoing encouragement. Thank you also to [ profile] snowgall, my wonderful new continuity monitor who is trying to ensure I don't make any more cock ups.

For those of you reading along, I do apologise, and I absolutely promise Draco will be in the next one. And Albus. Draco AND Albus. Together. I swear it. [ profile] lumosed_quill says she is going to hurt me otherwise.

If you want to catch up, this series started with Unguarded, then, in order, Undone, Scenes from Unguarded, Draco Alone, and this is part 5.

Albus Alone )
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Title: Scenes from the Unguarded universe
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Pairing: Albus Severus / Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~6000
Warnings: Completely Albus-centric. Age disparity (43/17). A perplexing lack of actual smut. UST which remains mostly unresolved. Dark Mark kink. Angst. Wanking. Angsty Wanking.
Summary: Albus isn't going to spend any more time thinking about Draco. No, not at all.

A/N: A shamefully late birthday present for the very lovely [ profile] sophie_french. So sorry it took til now, dear Sophie, but I hope you enjoy it. I got stuck writing this for you and only recently got unstuck! However, finishing this has set off all my Draco/Albus Severus feels again, so more is in the pipeline.

These snippets form part of the Unguarded verse (part 3). The first two are set in between Unguarded and Undone, and the remainder take place after Albus attends the Weasley's party in Undone.

Thank you very much to my betas, [ profile] lumosed_quill and [ profile] raitala, for their help in shaping this.

Edited to add: YES, MORE OF THIS STORY IS COMING. Absolutely yes. I am sort of obsessed with this series. I just lack writing time, but, I won't leave it hanging like this for long.

For Sophie <3 )
Read Unguarded part 4 here
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Title: Mistakes
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Pairing: Harry / Scorpius
Word count: ~7000
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Age disparity: 46 / 20. Dub-con. Unethical conduct while at work. Epilogue Compliant (!). Basically a 7k PWP.
Summary: Some days it's hard to keep your mind on the job.
A/N: For the very lovely [ profile] capitu, in honour of your birthday. I took an enjoyable stroll through your likes list one night before going to sleep, and when I woke up in the morning Harry and Scorpius had been frolicking in my head all night. Look what you made me do, you bad girl!

Thank you very much indeed to [ profile] lumosed_quill and [ profile] raitala for looking at this and helping me make it better than it was. I have fiddled quite a bit since then, so the credit for any cock-ups must go to me.
Mistakes )
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Title: Undone
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Pairings: Draco/Albus Severus, background Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~8800
Warnings: Age disparity (43/17). Harry, Ron and Hermione unfavourably described from Draco's POV.
A/N: Draco promised himself that he wouldn't be tempted again. But then he wasn't expecting Albus to look so delectable at the party. How quickly good intentions can become undone...

A sequel to Unguarded. This is apparently turning into a series. You can read this as a smutty little stand-alone if you want, but it does refer to and build on events from that fic. Written for [ profile] torino10154's Blow Job Friday.

Now with fabulous ART (completely work safe) by [ profile] raitala: Hugo, Scorpius and Albus \o/

Thank you so much to [ profile] raitala for all the encouragement to continue with this addictive wrongness.
Undone )
Read Unguarded part 3 here
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Title: One Last Present
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Pairing: Harry / Scorpius
Rating: R
Word count: 362
Warnings: Haiku. Age disparity (your choice as to how old exactly Scorpius is, although he's not underage). Reference to payment for sexual services.

A/N: For our beloved Harry, on his birthday. I've been neglecting him terribly lately, dropping out of his Bang, and writing my first ever fic in which he doesn't even appear. So I wanted to give him something extra-special for his birthday to compensate. [ profile] raitala suggested that the 'something' should be Scorpius. ;-) So, thank you, [ profile] raitala, for inspiration and improvements.

One Last Present )


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