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I've noticed a few people doing this and thought it looked quite fun, as much as anything else! I hope it might be helpful in the possibility that you were writing something for me, I suppose, but I am really pretty easy to please, so don't feel the need to stress at all.

YES, PLEASE, and no, thanks )

I hope this might be helpful in some way. Are there topics I've forgotten? Or is it just much too long? I might update at some point to talk about things I like in art, but it's pretty much the same as this, I suppose.

Please do comment if you want to say, "Yay, I'm so happy we share a love of.... " :DDD

Feel free to ask about anything that is not clear (if you don't want to spoil the surprise, you could ask [ profile] omi_ohmy or [ profile] raitala, who are both fairly familiar with my perversions, heh.) Or, alternatively, just don't worry, and write what you like, anyway! For each of the things I've said I dislike, I can probably think of at least one fabulous story that I've enjoyed with that thing in it. Thank you so much if you were interested enough to read this.
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I've been waiting a month to use that title :D

Oh, Rectober! What a month it was. So full of bounteous recs in so many fandoms, pairings, genres and lengths. Some people managed to do it daily. Others just the once. THEY WERE ALL BEAUTIFUL. \o/ Each one a little poem of love for a creator, a little signpost in the dark for a lost reader looking for a happy place to go. ♥

Thank you to each and every reccer, for each and every rec! The divine [ profile] capitu has made you a little token of appreciation, from all of us readers. And she even did the coding for me, because she is a true Hufflepuff. Please find them below, clutch them to your bosoms, grab the html and display on your journals with pride.

If you're looking for recs, why not browse the journals of those who took part. See the amazing list below. Many of them have a Rectober tag, to make your life easier, so you can get straight to the good stuff.

And if you didn't manage to take part in Rectober this year, don't forget that recs are loved all year round. ♥

Rectober Star Banners )

Take a bow, reccers all (and if I missed you off, please poke me! So sorry but with one thing and another I completely admit that the admin got away from me this year!):

Our Rectober stars )

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Hello, lovely flist! It's nearly October and I wondered if anyone fancied a spot of reccing?

banner by [ profile] capitu

If you have no idea what Rectober is, the idea is to have a month celebrating recs for fanworks. Participants pledge to post recs, as frequently as they feel they want to, or to support the fest by reading from recs and leaving comments, or commenting on rec posts to let the person know you enjoyed their recs, or any other way you want to join in. We had fun with it in 2013 and 2014.

Anyway! Please click and tick and comment and let me know what you think. In previous years people pledged anything from daily rec posts to one post during the month, so the commitment could be as big or small as you choose.

Rectober will always be multi-fandom, any pairing, any genre, whatever you like.
Click for poll )
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And we have some rec posts already popping up! \o/

Loads of you have already pledged to post one or more recs during the month, but there's plenty of time if you would like to join us. Just add a comment to this thread or the main Rectober thread here letting me know you're in, and I'll add you to the list.

banner by [ profile] raitala

Our glorious team of reccers )

Rectober tips )

Get your banners here )
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I totally cocked up yesterday's poll, and then managed to delete it while I was fixing it. SO SORRY!

If you filled it out yesterday and can be bothered to do it again, that would be wonderful. I cross my heart I will not fiddle with it this time.

If you don't know what Rectober is, try here for info about last year's fest. It got quite big in the end and recs were flying fast and furious! \o/

The poll... )

Thank you all very much indeed. ♥
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This is actually quite funny, because I just finished commenting on virtually every fricking thing on two fests, and had decided to have a break from intensive reading and commenting. But, one more week won't hurt. :DDD I would miss it, really; I do like commenting.

Anyway! I hitched a ride with Team Puff. When I asked my flist to sort me, there was bedlam. I don't know what or who I am. But this month I'm feeling quite Huffle-ish, so, yay team! There are not many Hufflepuffs signed up, I don't think. Does anyone else fancy joining the friendliest and, er... most gloriously YELLOW House for the week?

I'm pretty excited about my table. Look! Down there! [ profile] vaysh gave me the html for it, here. Thank you, Vaysh! I even managed to add extra rows, and change the headers around how I wanted them. *proud* Now I can't wait to get started. I'm such a dork. I feel like I have all my pencils happily sharpened and lined up in a row. :DDD


In other news, I'm very excited for [ profile] hp_kinkfest, which starts on Tuesday, and the [ profile] dracotops_harry reveals, coming up. May is turning out to be quite Merry, already.
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The week is over and the fest is now complete. We had an extraordinary 127 entries expressing love for 42 characters, including fics, poetry, art, meta, graphics, fancasts, letters, gifs, recs, podfics, quotes, six word stories, and general squee. It was wonderful to see the range of ways in which people showered their favourites with appreciation, and also the variety of characters chosen. Ron, Draco, Luna, Pansy, Severus and Neville were big favourites at the fest, but Trelawney, Dudley, Kreacher, Voldemort, Rodolphus and even Umbridge got themselves a little love, too.

A million thanks from [ profile] capitu and myself to all those who contributed a post, and also to our lovely readers and commenters. Please snag yourself a thank you banner for your journal; you can find the code under the cut. The banner links to our masterlist so that people can click and have a look at your contributions. ♥

banner by [ profile] capitu

Thank you. <3 )

Here's a copy of the final masterlist - please tell me if I've missed anything, or if a link doesn't work! I've not linked to brief comments, but everything else is hopefully included. Comments and discussion are still welcome over at the fest, naturally.

Banner by [ profile] capitu
Letter to Dumbledore by [ profile] 0idontknow0
Thoughts on Albus / Minerva ship by [ profile] nevrafire

Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame
Graphic by [ profile] capitu

Letter to Arthur by [ profile] 0idontknow0
Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame

Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame

Graphic by [ profile] kedavranox
Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame
Fancast by [ profile] nevrafire

Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame
Chibi by [ profile] digthewriter

Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame
Cedric's Last Letter by [ profile] oakstone730

The Shed and The Cottage - excerpts from a WIP by [ profile] oakstone730
Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame
Fancast by [ profile] nevrafire
Art by [ profile] raitala (heavily featuring a delicious Albus Severus, Teddy and Scorpius)

Gif from [ profile] capitu

Banner by [ profile] capitu
Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame

Those Are Pearls - ficlet by [ profile] raitala
Ten Reasons Why I Love You, Draco (from Harry's POV) - excerpts from fics, chosen by [ profile] capitu
Fanvid snippet by [ profile] sophie_french
Draco/Tom Felton pic - [ profile] celestlyn
After Hours at the Ministry of Magic - art by [ profile] raitala ♥ A gift for me, oh my beating heart!
Valentine for Draco - Graphic by [ profile] birdsofshore
Art: calendar by [ profile] thania_hinata
Podfic: I Shall Not Speak by [ profile] raitala ♥ ♥ ♥

Link to art by [ profile] imera, from [ profile] lijahlover
Letter and fic by [ profile] ashindk
Excerpt from fic by [ profile] lobelia321

Chibi by [ profile] anemonen
Art recs by [ profile] nevrafire

Ficlet by [ profile] calrissian18
Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame
Chibi by [ profile] anemonen

Neville / Ginny art recs by [ profile] nevrafire

Letter to Hagrid by [ profile] 0idontknow0
Message for Hagrid by [ profile] khalulu

Ten Reasons Why I Love You, Harry (from Draco's POV) - excerpts from fics, chosen by [ profile] capitu
Graphic by [ profile] kedavranox
H/D Art recs by [ profile] raitala
Fanwriter rec by [ profile] nevrafire
Trio comic rec by [ profile] nevrafire
Reasons I love Harry, by [ profile] nevrafire

Letter to Hedwig by [ profile] 0idontknow0

Art by [ profile] ashindk
Chibi and ficlet by [ profile] digthewriter
Thoughts for Hermione by [ profile] khalulu
Thoughts on Hermione by [ profile] nevrafire

Art rec by [ profile] raitala

Graphic by [ profile] capitu

Singing dwarf telegram by [ profile] ext_1054020
Thoughts and quotes by [ profile] alisanne

Thoughts and quote by [ profile] gracerene

Thoughts on Lucius started by [ profile] marianna_merlo
Lucius/Harry rec by [ profile] sophie_french

Reasons I love Luna by [ profile] blossomdreams
Luna Lovegood's Noisy Nifflers Nursery School - ficlet by [ profile] birdsofshore
and podfic by [ profile] raitala
Chibi by [ profile] digthewriter
Art recs by [ profile] raitala
Thoughts for Luna, by [ profile] khalulu
Thoughts on Luna by [ profile] nevrafire

Fanon Dowager McGonagall by [ profile] zeitgeistic
Things I love about Minerva McGonagall, and artist rec by [ profile] nevrafire
Minerva's McGonagall's self-love by [ profile] dicta_contrion

Letter to Molly by [ profile] 0idontknow0
(and please note PROMPT for fic about Molly at a spa)

Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame
Graphic by [ profile] sassy_cissa
Art recs by [ profile] raitala

Banner by [ profile] capitu
Graphic pinched by [ profile] birdsofshore
Letter to Neville by [ profile] 0idontknow0
Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame
Video snippet posted by [ profile] digthewriter
Patronus headcanon by [ profile] nevrafire
Thoughts for Neville by [ profile] khalulu

Pansy's rant - ficlet by [ profile] indyonblue
Pansy/Harry Art (NSFW) by [ profile] zeitgeistic
Pansy Parkinson, 19 Years Later - ficlet by [ profile] thusspakekate
Pansy art by [ profile] digthewriter
Pansy art recs by [ profile] raitala
Ficlet by [ profile] ashindk

Singing Dwarf Telegram by [ profile] ext_1054020
Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame

Art by [ profile] saintgilbert
Chibi by [ profile] digthewriter
Thoughts for Remus by [ profile] khalulu

Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame

Art by [ profile] ashindk
Banner by [ profile] capitu
Haiku by [ profile] firethesound
Graphic by [ profile] kedavranox
Ron is Hot - ficlet by [ profile] raitala
Haiku by [ profile] digthewriter
Favourite Ron movie scenes by [ profile] nevrafire
Favourite Ron / Hermione fanworks by [ profile] nevrafire
Favourite Ron / Hermione videos by [ profile] nevrafire

Graphic by [ profile] capitu
Art by [ profile] digthewriter
(cross posted from Luna thread, as I decided they were really in worship of Scorpius :D) Ficlet by [ profile] birdsofshore
and Podfic by [ profile] raitala

Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame

Link to How Harry Potter Should Have Ended, animation, from [ profile] writcraft
Letter to Severus by [ profile] 0idontknow0
Severus Snape - the Byronic hero of the Potterverse - meta by [ profile] writcraft
Letter to Severus by [ profile] eelegantlyeevil
Chibi by [ profile] digthewriter
Why Snape? - meta and art links by [ profile] perverse_idyll
Snape - meta by [ profile] smallbrownfrog

Banner by [ profile] capitu
Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame
Chibi by [ profile] digthewriter

Ficlet by [ profile] stereolightning
Thoughts and chibi by [ profile] digthewriter

Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame
Letter to Nymphadora by [ profile] 0idontknow0
Thoughts on movie!Tonks by [ profile] nevrafire

Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame
Spirits and Divination - fic by [ profile] oakstone730
Chibi by [ profile] anemonen

Discussion and quotes by [ profile] gracerene

Six Word Story by [ profile] dracogotgame
Letter to Voldemort by [ profile] 0idontknow0
Chibi by [ profile] digthewriter
Art recs by [ profile] raitala

I wanted to sign off with an excerpt from [ profile] smallbrownfrog's beautiful post about her feelings for Severus Snape, which I suspect many of us can identify with, whoever our favourite characters may be. For me, it summed up the passion that drove this fest.

At times I identify with him. At times I want to rescue him. Always he fascinates me. And yet I know where this story is going. [...]

There are so many of us who love him. Surely that will make a difference? Maybe if we write passionately enough, paint clearly enough, read deeply enough, the story will shift and something new will emerge?

Probably not.

But I'm foolish enough to keep trying.

♥ ♥ ♥
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I'll keep this updated as regularly as I can! Please do leave our contributors a few words of appreciation if you can, and feel free to add your own fanworks or thoughts about characters.

Just to let you know, I am not linking to brief thoughts or comments about characters, but these are definitely welcome and very much appreciated at the fest! You can leave, or find, these general comments on each character's thread, listed alphabetically in the fest intro post.

Click here to go BACK TO THE LOVE FEST.

edited 12th Jan: WOW, THANK YOU EVERYONE! So many fab new things. Please let me know if I've missed your stuff out, or if any links don't work. (Thanks, [ profile] capitu :D).
Up to date as of 13th Jan 10 pm GMT... let me know if I missed anything!
The masterlist... )
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I hereby pronounce the Love Fest OPEN!     ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

banner by [ profile] capitu

BANNERS – We'd love you to promote the fest on your journal! Please pick up your banners HERE.


I've started you off with 40 or so of the requested characters, and I might add more as the urge takes me. If your character is not here, start your own comment thread and I'll link to it here!

Find your favourites... )

All the info.... )

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Rectober is definitely done for this year! Please let me know what you thought. Did it work for you? Should we do it again next year? Should we change anything?

A quick poll below, plus banners made by the delightful [ profile] capitu as a gift for all you Rectober Reccers. Please grab one, and display it on your journal or wherever. I think I might have mine tattooed on my backside, because they are SO PRETTY!


<333333 )

and anyone I have left out; so sorry if that has happened and please let me know asap!

Wrap-up poll )

PLEASE COME AND TAKE A PRETTY BANNER! THEY ARE TOO PRETTY TO JUST LEAVE SITTING HERE ♥ Just copy and paste the html from the box onto your journal ♥

Shiny things for you... )

That's it for 2013! Yay Rectober! \O/ \o/ \O/ \o/ \O/
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Please join me for a week of Draco love and appreciation, in honour of his 33rd birthday on June 5th.

What is happening at the Love Fest? Whatever you like! Please bring your drabbles, prompts, arts, gifs, quotes, squee, meta, and general flailing. Contributions can be slash, het or gen, any pairing, maybe even a crossover, as long as Draco features. Anything from a few words about why you enjoy the character of Draco, or a gif that you thought was cute, to a multi-chapter fic (well, I can be optimistic, can't I?). ALL CONTRIBUTIONS WILL BE ADORED. You don't have to restrict yourself to Perfect!Redeemed!Draco love, either; feel free to celebrate him in all his snarky, spoiled, unrepentant, irritating and glorious nastiness, if you so wish. Just warn for the usual things, if you feel like going dark or kinky.

Everyone is welcome; please don't be shy, just jump in. If no-one else comments, I will just fill up the thread by myself. :D Please post any contributions as a comment to this post, with a relevant title so people can navigate the fest more easily. eg. Prompt: Harry/Draco, or Fill: Draco/Hermione, or My favourite quotes about Draco or My favourite Draco fanart, or whatever it is you want to share.

Edited to add: Here is the master list of contributions so far! Thank you everyone <3

The Love Fest will run here from June 2nd to June 10th. Do spread the word with a banner! Choose from happy-rainbow-sparkly-fluff Draco, or moody-black-shirt-and-cheekbones Draco. Or take them both, to make yourself an amazing DRACO SANDWICH. :DD

click to share the Draco love )


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