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I wrote a fic for [ profile] dracotops_harry.

I didn't mean to sign up for any more fests at that time, but nobody else claimed this amazing prompt and there was a possibility that I was simply NEVER GOING TO STOP THINKING ABOUT IT if I didn't write the bloody thing. So, 28k later, here it is.

Thank you very much indeed to everyone who read and commented. People seemed very enthusiastic about the consent issue, which surprised me. Minor spoiler: Harry gets stuck wearing a magical collar which means that following an order from Draco gives him intense pleasure. Contrary to what you might expect, in this fic Draco is bothered by the moral implications of the situation and tries hard to resist getting involved with Harry while he is wearing the collar.  I thought that people might prefer the hotness of a morally dubious Draco who abuses his power because my usual readers are a bunch of kinky perverts, but apparently consent in itself is sexy. \o/

I was also surprised at how many commenters said something along the lines of "I won't normally read 1st person POV, but xyz." This intrigues me... I think I will make a separate discussion post about it.

The title comes from the wonderful Temptation by Heaven 17, which has always been a big favourite of mine. I adore the drama of the song and the rising tension throughout, and the lyrics seemed perfect for borrowing.

I can now thank my beta, [ profile] dicta_contrion who was a bloody wonder, as always, and improved the story immeasurably. ♥

Title: Higher and Higher (Temptation)
Author: birdsofshore
Summary: Only Harry Potter could manage to put on a magical collar on impulse and find himself unable to take it off again. Now following Draco’s direct orders gives him intense pleasure, and Draco has a whole heap of troubles to deal with, not least the way Potter looks when the collar has him gasping with bliss. The whole situation would test the morals of a saint... and Draco’s no saint.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Themes of D/s and consent
Word Count: ~28.5 k
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