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It's confirmed that the LJ servers have moved to Moscow. Which explains that long outage last week...

I'm finding it hard to process all the ramifications of this at the moment, so I don't have answers, but I wanted to pass on the information.


Aug. 15th, 2015 12:30 pm
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Somebody really spammed LJ pretty thoroughly, hmm?

*blinks at friends feed*

I don't even get what they're advertising? At first I thought it was an accident, like those nightmares where you post to a comm and for a second you think you've pressed 'post to ALL comms'. But it's lots of different users posting? I'm scared. What if it's somebody taking over other people's accounts to post indecipherable things? WHAT IF I'M NEXT? *clings to flist*
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I can't get [ profile] hp_crossgenfest to show up on my friends feed! When i go to their journal I can see the entries, but IT'S NOT FAIR. I even tried leaving the comm and then joining again. I might try that again. And again. So, crossgen mods, ignore any notifications you get saying 'birds has lost the plot'. I JUST WANT CROSSGEN AND I WANT IT NOOOOOOW *wail*


I feel crappy with a chesty cold, a sore throat and I just want to take a wire brush to the inside of my sinuses and clear the fuckers out. The universe is annoying me. And it's fireworks night so my kids won't get to sleep til god knows when.

I'm aware I made some new friends this week on LJ... I'M NOT NORMALLY WHINY, OK? Only when I am deprived of slashy goodness. *sweet smile* Does anyone happen to have any delightfully smutty cross gen recs, please? (m/m and no incest would be my preferred flavour).

Thank you so much! In return, here's a rec for the sweetest thing you'll see all day: Gentlemen Out for a Stroll at [ profile] hd_fanart fest. Look at Harry, all handsome in his Auror robes, but then LOOK at Draco. He is SO BAD, with his smirky smile, and his big white feather, and his tailored trousers. The fangirls witches all gathered around to gawp are making me DIE. I love this.

In fact, do you know what, the universe isn't even annoying me any more. But, I'd still love some crossgen...  ♥

E.T.A: Oh, LOL, a new entry posted at [ profile] hp_crossgenfest and I can totally see it on my feed. How embarrassing. It's art and it's amazing! Look at Teddy's hair! (Charlie/Teddy, PG-13)
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Has anyone else got this fucking Stan Lee advert at the bottom of their page? How the ruddy nora do I get rid of it? I use the internet on a netbook and it's currently obscuring 1/8 of my entire browser window and giving me the absolute raaaaaaaaaage!


love, Birds

E.T.A. Oh kayyy, it seems pretty universally despised, and without a simple fix so far.... Good grief, LJ /o\

LJ Support requests

E.T.A AGAIN: [ profile] gracerene posted how to fix it! Go here: and uncheck "bottom information strip" near the bottom. *breathes massive sigh of relief*
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So you can only see the last 3 pages of entries?

I am guessing they want me to change to the new style, and of course it is tempting, just so I can see what I missed...


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