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Wow, I mean WOW. I'm completely blown away. I'm talking about the LOVE MEME at [ profile] lokifan's journal! AAAAHHHHHH people are being so kind and ridiculously amazing and it's SO GREAT to read, I'm just obsessively reading other people's threads and feeling all happy and choked and contented and EEEEEEEEEEEE. Fandom really is the best place. And someone said I made Draco's exposed wrist when he's stirring soup hot AAAHHHH YESS I CAN DIE HAPPY. Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed to that utterly glorious meme, it's a joy, such a joy.

And then I saw Fantastic Beasts. The non-spoilery version is that I feel quite mixed about it, and liked it a lot less than I was expecting, which was a real surprise to me? But that there was a lot of good in it, too. And the spoilery version is below.

I think my main problem was that there was just too much crammed into 2 hours 13 minutes. There were such a lot of new characters and settings to introduce, and I felt like we kept racing from one to another and this felt ultimately unsatisfying. I didn't feel like we got more than a snapshot of the personalities involved, and the relationships between them were mostly sketchy at best. It also felt like two films, one with Newt being all adorable and making new friends and having hijinks with his kooky creatures, and one with Credence and Graves and Mary Lou and dark forces and angst and death chambers (what the FUCK was that? Really?). And they couldn't decide which tone they were going for, so they tried both, and it... just didn't work, for me at least.

I liked Newt a lot; Eddie Redmayne is a very loveable actor, and Newt is a beautiful character, although I would have liked more things about him explored. Why did people find him annoying? He seemed mostly charming. I love his physical awkwardness, his single-mindedness, his loner characteristics, and his self-deprecation. I also thought he was quite asexual, which was actually refeshing in a male lead? But then made for this awkward, unconvincing arc with Tina.

I didn't warm to Tina at all. Again, it was refreshing to have a female lead who wasn't overtly sexual, but I found her cold and her motives were sort of confusing and unbelievable. She seemed to spend most of the film frowning. When she and Newt had their little moment at the end, I felt... odd. There was absolutely no chemistry between them throughout the film and then when he touched her hair, it felt inappropriate and.... ugh. I didn't like it. I can't imagine shipping Newt with anyone at the moment, but I'm prepared to be proved wrong, heh. I also felt unsatisfied with his relationship with Jacob - he said near the end, "I like you. You're my friend," and it's clearly this touching moment, but I didn't FEEL that connection between them during the film, even though I wanted to.

Have to say Queenie and Jacob were adorable together. I liked Queenie far more than I thought I would. The actory played her so appealingly, she had a real charm. I read a review which said something like "never since Ron bagged Hermione has a man got a witch so out of his league", but I found her attraction to Jacob quite believable in that she clearly fell in love with his mind, ahhhhh. Personally, I find Dan Fogler attractive anyway, so pppffffftttt.

Jacob was a joy, an utter joy. Which brings me onto the part I really, REALLY hated: when Jacob got Obliviated. I was absolutely devastated by this. I loved Jacob so much. He's the film's beloved Muggle character, who is allowed to come along for the ride with the magical people, who is explicitly told "You're one of us now" (and this clearly meant a lot to him as he echoes it back to Queenie later), and he allows everyone in the audience to feel the wonder of the magical world through his reactions and awe. He's US, he's all of us in fandom. We're not wizards, but when we watch Jacob, we feel like we could be, and that we could be accepted and valued in the magical world. I found this so powerfully affecting. I thought it was a genius move, really a gift to the audience, and then-

FUCK. They Obliviated him. They could have fought it, found a way out of it - MACUSA didn't even stick around to make sure it was done, but no. He walked willingly into the rain because he thought it was the right thing to do, and he's a profoundly good guy, and they stood and watched him. FUCK. I flat out hated this. I know it was meant to pull at our heartstrings, and I was fighting tears through the whole scene, but I didn't let myself cry because I was so ANGRY. There was just no need to do it, and I felt BETRAYED, that the film makers did this on purpose, showed him the reality of the magical world and let him feel a part of it, let us share his joy and then TOOK IT AWAY. Purely to make us sniffle a bit into our popcorn.

I seriously think this was a DICK MOVE, and I'm not going to forgive them for it. I'm guessing Jacob doesn't stay Obliviated? He clearly has some memories as we see at the end - I *adored* the pastry Nifflers, so hard - and recognises something in Queenie that's more than "ooh, pretty lady in my shop." They've left it open for him to rejoin the magical world in the future. In which case why make the Obliviation scene so painful? Just to fuck with us? I hated it. Truly.

The other character I loved was Credence. God, I love the misfits and the freaks. I want all the Credence backstory and I want him in the rest of the series and I *whisper* I think I want Credence fic. Possibly with Graves pinning him up against a wall in an alleyway and-- Yep. Sorry. But they killed him? Again, wtf? I'm just.... huh? It felt cheap, again, like our sympathies were aroused for this fucked-up person, who just happened to be ANOTHER magically gifted child raised in an abusive setting by Muggles, with his magical parentage denied through fear and bigotry. So there's those parallels, which got all of my feels rampaging around for this character who was the catalyst for so much of the film's action, and a brilliantly compelling creation from Ezra Miller, and then they go, "Yeah, kill him off." AUGH?

Aaaaaand GRAVES. OMG. I wasn't expecting to have Graves feels. He kind of took me aback at the fan event when they showed us the first 10 mins, and he was standing in the rubble with his coat all billowing, and my ovaries sort of sat up and went "HHHNGH?" He was so physically excellent. I think this is the first time I've seen an actor make magic look the way I imagine it to look when done by a powerful wizard. He had complete conviction, the way he moved, all of his gestures, the way he used his wand, his whole body going with it. It looked natural and flawless and powerful and really HOT. I approve 100% and am going to use this for inspiration when I'm writing people casting spells. I've seen interviews with the other actors, Eddie, Alison and Katherine, where they each said they felt so awkward with their wands at first, like self-conscious and silly. I think they did a good job in the end, but Graves was just GRRRRRRR YES, he clearly had no such qualms about feeling silly, he WAS a wizard. I adored that. And his voice was also wonderful.

So then, the Graves reveal - AUGH again! I wanted more of Graves being sinister with Credence in alleyways! I need menacing intense Colin Farrell whispering, not bad Johnny Depp German! I have to say, I enjoyed the surprise of the reveal, even though it was a bit daft. [ profile] who_la_hoop saw it coming from the beginning. We were laughing at Grindelwald thinking, "I know, I'll change my complete appearance EXCEPT FOR THE HAIRCUT. I have to keep the evil sexy haircut at all costs." :D

The beasts... I was worried this would be a problem for me, and, yep, it was. I'm really not into beasts. I LOVED the Niffler. It was cute and hilarious, and the scene where it's hiding in the jewellery shop window with its arm outstretched as Newt walks by is probably my favourite thing ever.

Yep, I'd watch a LOT more of the Niffler. But the others... *sigh*. There were so MANY of them, and really, Newt's suitcase was cool, but that looooong section with all of the beasts really didn't hold my attention. I find it hard to care about things that are basically CGI creations. I admit Pickett was cute, but the rest felt like, "Here's a lot of pretty magic things to amuse the children in the audience." But then it wasn't really a children's film.

And so many confusing questions. Why did Newt have to take a boat and go through Muggle customs? What happened to Portkeys and Apparating? They Apparate all over the fucking place throughout the rest of the film, and there seems no internal logic (eg "You can't Apparate in the grounds of Hogwarts") to it. Ditto Accioing things - they didn't REALLY need a teapot, did they (I was starting to see why Newt said people found him irritating, at this point) and if they did, er, how about using magic, instead of throwing a cockroach twenty feet into a TEAPOT (sorry, the teapot really got my goat).

And the death chamber? HELP? That was sick and sinister and HUHHHH? They decide to kill them, but they're going to suck out their memories and put them in a bath of magical acid first, so they can willingly go into it and be consumed very slowly (giving them time to escape)? And if there's two people this is happening to, they let the second one watch the first dying?? I can't TELL you what my face was doing during this bit. And the Lestrange teasers? Where are they going with that?

So, can anyone explain why Grindelwald wanted to find the Obscurial? I didn't get that at all. And was Ariana Dumbledore an Obscurus too? I like this new canon, but I am confused by it.

I also had mixed feelings about the clothes. Graves looked EXCELLENT. My feelings on Newt's outfit are probably clear from my obsession with it. But in general, people weren't wizardy enough. The Aurors looked shit, I'm sorry. They should look magical and amazing, and not have leather macs and bad hats.

To sum up: It feels like a nice set up for a longer story, introducing lots of new details about the magical world (and random beautiful things like: magical umbrellas! YESSS!). The plot is presumably leading up to the war, and that's all exciting and cool. But I feel like they can't decide WHICH story IS the story, and I hope the later films have more clarity about that. I hope they find a way to give the characters enough airtime for us to really get to know them. And that there are fewer beasts. Which I admit seems unlikely, given the name of the franchise.

I read a few reviews and this one says a lot of what I think, and also this one, but more elegantly. I agree with pretty much all of that first review except the griffin - I didn't give a fuck about the griffin :D

I would LOVE to hear what people think about any of this! I'm so interested in different reactions to the film! I'm going with other friends on Sunday, and I'll see how I feel after seeing it a second time.

Oh and one more thing, who_la_hoop, who is an ACTUAL REAL WIZARD, managed to get Cursed Child tickets on the Friday 40  where they release 40 of the best tickets each week for a ludicrous low price, So we're going again! On Thursday and Friday (we have to watch it on two separate days this time) and I am part stunned, part excited, and part terrified for my soul, ahahahahahaaaa. And I realise I never finished my reviews of it from last time, sigh. One day I will get to all my unfinished projects, but not today.


ETA: the comments are pretty spoilery, too, so please take care! 

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OMG YOURE GOING AGAIN I PRAY FOR YOUR SOUL BUT WHAT ABOUT MINE. Omg. I'm SO excited on your behalf and also slightly light green with jealousy joy for you. Omg. I got an email too, and also that they're releasing a new batch of thousands of tickets, and I'm SO tempted but the sensible thing to do is to not buy another plane ticket to London (I also think the first time cannot be surpassed in amount of magicalness, but again. Oh my god).

I also wanted to say something about FBAWTFT but I totally forgot. I'm planning on seeing it in the cinema too, and then I'll totally come back to this post, read the spoilers, and treat you with my in-eloquent opinions because that's what I do.

Argh again. You made me drown in all the CC feelings again! Hahahaha I thought I was over it and sort of had my life back, but clearly not :D when will you be going to London?

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Ahhh. I agree with so much of what you say here!

I do think they tried to cram a lot in a short time, at the beginning I was a bit—wtf is this about, really!? But then I saw how everything connected and they focused more on this going on.

I do think they could have explored the Salemers (how do you say that? I saw it in English with Spanish subtitles so I'm basically no sure how anything is pronounced beyond MACUSA which is the same in English and Spanish).

I really liked Newt, I think he was awkward and lovely, but I also wish he could have been more explored. It wasn't until the end when the said, 'because I like you, you're my friend' OR SOMETHING, that I really saw that sweet side of him, you know?

Jacob was obviously the best thing ever. \o/\o/\o/ he was brilliant and OH MY GOD, when they were about to Obliviated and then did, I literally turned to the bf right there and said, 'if they don't show that guy happy in his pastry shop I'm walking right out and never ever looking back on this movie!' Honest to god. I was happy to see that story line all the way through. I think they kind of did, I don't know, he obviously remember things (the pastries! The little monkey kind of creature – the names of some are totally beyond me because of what I said about the subtitles – was adorable and probably my fave of them all. ^^) and I think there might be a trigger? I don't know, but over all I was pretty happy with the conclusion of his storyline.

I was not expecting to like Graves. Like, I was never totally sure about that casting because personally I'm not very impressed with this guy as an actor, but I have to admit he was brilliant. Oh yes, thank you!

I loved and enjoyed the movie a lot, but like, I'm not super excited about this whole thing about Grindelwald ascending? Like, I see how they need a plot to tie all the movies together (or something), but I would have happily gone to watch Mr Newt getting into all sorts of shenanigans in different countries and having the movies being only about that.

Still though, I'm excited and very hopeful about the future series, definitely planning to see it again. :)

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Sorry to hear you didn't like FB as much as you hoped. Not reading the spoilers just yet as I am seeing on Friday with my family.

And the play again? XD Awesome, I hope it gives you all the feels once more.

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Hah, oh my, I couldn't disagree more with most of this (except for Tina, who could've been so much more, and Jacob, whose Obliviation was just so HORRIBLE, and also, OMG CREDENCE <3), but since I'm utterly in love with this film, it's not surprising ;) The main point of disagreement are the creatures - I loved each and every one of them, every second they gave us with them. And I'm not a kid in the audience *lol* ;)

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Love Meme. ♥ I plan to role around in it all weekend! :)

I have a whole lot of questions about FF, much like you do. But I really loved the movie, loved it WAY, WAY MORE THAN THE CURSED CHILD SCRIPT! It's a whole new world, it felt fresh in many ways. AND I LOVE THE CREATURES. That world Newt is hiding in his suitcase, the wizarding space: I love that to pieces. It's where for me the friendship between Jacob and Newt showed the most. All the scenes where Newt told Jacob about the creatures - this was his way of showing this Muggle what he cares about, and then Jacob does care about the creatures, too. I love that bonding between them over the creatures. And Newt just shines when he is in his world.

I agree that Tina had a lot of potential but it was not really working as a character. I admit, I do not fully understand the backstory that connected her to Credence. I felt there was a part missing in the movie where we get to see how Tina met Credence and Mary Lou and how she wanted to save Credence. Yes, the movie was already choke-full of new characters, and introducing a new world, but Tina's character really suffered because we never got her backstory. Also, yes, WTF was the death chamber?

As for Credence, have you heard about the deleted scene at the end of the movie? The deleted scene shows a bit of the destroyed Obscurus escaping, implying that Credence, or at last some magical part of him, did not die. I think this is the reason, too, why Newt is keeping the Obscurus in his world: because it is still a part of the witch or wizard whose magic got suppressed.

I LOVE THE OBLIVIATING SCENE. It was the most emotional scene of the movie, and I loved how they took time for it, with the rain doing the Obliviating. Yes, I cried, but I really loved it.

I agree that Newt is more of an asexual character, but I understood the connection he felt with Tina - because they both wanted to save Credence. Yes, it could have been done better, but I am happy if those two become friends, and it's not a romantic lead.

The romantic lead (as we will not get Newt/Jacob ;)) should totally be Queenie/Jacob. I hope they will give us more of Queenie than just a bit of pin-up and oh, yes, she can read minds and she's a great cook. But JACOB TOTALLY STOLE THE SHOW. I've read reviews that say he is just the comic relief character who gets the fat jokes but I don't think so at all: I think of Jacob as JKR's apology for how she always uses body shapes to characterise people negatively, and the utterly annoying fat jokes in the HP series. Jacob is the character the audience identifies with most, I think, he is us - the Muggle with a dream who gets drawn into the magical world. And he does not look like a movie-star. :) I love that immensely about the movie. Fandom being what fandom is, I doubt we will see much Newt/Jacob slash but I hope some people will be going for it.

I have been a huge fan of Colin Farrell already, and FF really only became exciting for me since I heard about his casting. He's certainly the star of the movie. His performance is awesome, and as you say, he conveys a sense of the power of magic like no other character in the movie. I hope we haven't seen the last of him (but fear it). I cannot believe they did give away the Grindelwald reveal with Graves' hair-do from the very start. ;) Not sure what to think of the Grindelwald/Johnny Depp thing - I guess we have to see how that story line pans out.

I understand what you mean about FF being two movies in one - the fun, slap-stick one with the "beasts are escaping from the magical suitcase" story line, and the dark one with the Anti-Salemers and the abuse of Credence and the other kids at the hands of Mary-Lou and the whole Graves/Credence story line. I checked, there is already Graves/Credence slash on AO3. :) Which: utterly predictable. ;) I am curious about this pairing, too, and very curious what else fandom will make with all that FF has to offer.

Re: ****SPOILERS****

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Ahhhhh this movie!

I'll admit I actually really loved the movie, all the parts of it, though I do see why some of the above listed points would cause you to frown.

My biggest complaint was the Next romance storyline (which you've mentioned as well). For starters, why is everyone always so damn heterosexual? Wouldn't Next have made a lovely boyfriend to a charming young man or at the very least an adorable asexual man in love with life and creatures? Sigh. The need for a romantic pairing for every lead is so frustrating.

Before I talk about your other points, let's talk about Graves/Credence. OMG thank goodness I was not alone in that. I mean my mind is on slash lookout 24/7 anyway but when Graves was pushing him up again brick walls and getting my his face and then caressing his face all softly. I kept leaning over to Forrest to whisper and squee and Forrest just kept rolling his eyes at me. It was a bit tricky to focus on the plot when that happened and not start writing fiction in my head.

Oh and Credence was such a glorious character and my heart just shattered when he was killed. Damn you Graves and damn you MACUSA for being the worse.

I agree with you Jacob and Queenie were delightful together. Jacob was surely my favourite character. I was also so sad about him being obliviated but did feel hopeful in the end where it was clear to see some of his memory still was clining to the corners of his minds.

I'm a bit confused about Credence and the whole Obscurial thing. I thought Graves was mistaken and Credence was not a squib but actually a powerful wizard who was suppressing his powers and thus created the Obscurus. And his sister, who Graves was after, was either a squib herself or just an ordinary wizard perhaps. OR, is it that Credence essentially became a squib because all his inner-hate pushed away his magic into the Obscurus/Obscurial he created? That would make sense why he was after Arianna Dumbledore if she was a squib due to her repressing her magic (because wasn't she also kind of powerful even though she may have been a squib as well? I can't recall that canon for some reason).

As far as why Grindelwald was after an Obscurial/Obscurus, I was under the impression it was so that they would unleash themselves on Muggle NYC and wreck havoc and thus force chaos as well as making Wizard-kind completely known to the Muggle World. Graves and later Grindelwald mention a couple of times how distasteful it is that they have to hide from the Muggles. I think he wanted to incite war in this way while also making a loud statement about his beliefs of Wizard superiority.

Anyway, the spells! Ah that was maybe my favourite part of the whole movie. I got chills right at the beginning when we were once again emerged into the world of magic. The umbrella spell just delighted me and I loved seeing all the fast moving Apparation. I couldn't figure out why it felt different until Forrest pointed out to me that they are older and not in Hogwarts/school, so there is no learning of spells and getting the hang of it. The spells aren't done slowly and carefully but quick and with little effort. The same thing with Apparating--very few students/characters are able to in the 7 HP movies so it's fascinating to see basically all the characters constantly moving about this way.

Anyway, yes. Sorry of this is disorganized but I am so excited everyone else is getting around to seeing it so I can discuss the movie with others! I felt so lonely on Thursday when no one else had saw a midnight show XD

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Ohh ohh ohhh!!!!

Aww, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the movie as much as you thought you would. I went in with neutral expectations, and only based on the trailers because I haven't read much/watched any interviews or followed any of the press about FB, but I ended up really enjoying it the first time around. Maybe once I see it a few more times more will jump out at me.

I definitely agree about the disjointed storyline and the bait and switch feel to the whole Grindelwald/war storyline for the rest of the series. I mentioned something along the same lines in the post I made last night. And that death chamber room was FUCKING TERRIFYING!!!! O____O

I completely agree about Newt being asexual, too!! Yeah, the whole thing with Tina felt so forced, and we'd already gotten a romance in the movie that felt a million times better and more natural with Queenie and Jacob. I actually also saw some great posts on Tumblr last night theorizing about Newt being autistic, and I think that fits really well into his social awkwardness, how focused he is on his creatures, how he doesn't make eye contact, considering Jacob a friend but forgetting to tell him until the end, etc. I don't know if JKR necessarily intended that, but I like that it fits for his character.

I was so sad about the Obliviation, too!!! I mean, I'm glad he got his bakery and clearly has some of his memories (which, could that be because Newt healed him with some of that stuff before? I can't remember what it's called, argh). The pastry creatures were adorable, and I liked that Queenie came to check up on him. But yeah, it does seem like - okay if he's going to re-join with the gang, now we have this Obliviation angst to work through with him, even though he chose to walk out into the rain. IDK. It seems like if they do include him again it will just be a needless plot point. When that scene happened I was expecting them to all Apparate away or something lol.

CREDENCE. Oh my god, Credence <333 He broke my heart so much! The whole world beating down on him and manipulating him and using him, T____T my heart! He deserved so much better :( Ezra did such an amazing job with his character! His mother was so chilling and made me so angry, but I also wish they had explored more of that. Also, again, that storyline alongside Newt's cheerful I've-come-to-America-to-bring-this-trafficked-beast-home adventure was so...??? It definitely didn't really fit together.

And Graves! Man, I totally saw something coming with him, but I actually didn't see him actually *being* Grindelwald in disguise! And I totally agree, can't we just have Colin continue to play creepy undercover Grindelwald instead of Depp?! He was so much more terrifying and compelling in his motives. I also agree about the portrayal of his magic, and how powerful he was.

Ok, YES, about Portkeys!! I had that same question! How far can you travel by Portkey? Is international Portkey just something we've made up in fandom that has ingrained itself in my brain? Are they just not invented yet?! These are the important questions. But ahhhh, all the other magic! It was ~magical! I talked in my post about how great it was to see adults in the wizarding world doing everyday magic and advanced magic, and ahhhh! It made me so happy! It made the world feel so much BIGGER. I am so stupidly in love with the Umbrella Charms?! And Queenie's lovely cooking spells! I was so happy watching magic on the big screen again.

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I loved Fantastic Beasts a lot more than I thought I would (but I hope we get a lighter plot for the second movie cause this one got DARK fast)

regarding Newt/Tina that was 100% set in stone happening because it's canon that they end up marrying:
"...retired and living in Dorset with his wife Porpentina (Tina) and their three pet Kneazles, Hoppy, Milly, and Mauler" (from the book Fantastic Beasts published by Rowling in 2001)

so like it didn't came out of nowhere or was put on just to stop people from shipping Newt with other people (although frankly that has never stopped people before so I don't see the uproar over it now)

as for the why Newt took a boat and didn't just apparated, JKR answered that on twitter, and it's basically 'it's a really long distance to apparate and there's a high risk of splinching"

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Staying away from the spoilers for now - planning to try and watch FBAWTFT this week! I've seen it getting so many great reviews, but maybe I ought to lower my expectations a tad. Still excited though!!

And OMG I can't believe you're watching the play again!! Amazing!! Hope you'll have just as much fun the second time around :D

The love meme though!!! Such a good thing to show up right now. Giving me all the fandom feels <3

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Aaaahhhh I can't believe you are going to see Cursed Child AGAIN!! You and who_la are so lucky!

I haven't seen Fantastic Beasts yet, but I couldn't resist skimming over your thoughts on it, and spoilers don't bother me. I've actually been sort of on the fence about whether or not I want to see it? But I won't have the chance to see it until week after next at the earliest, so. ::shrug:: We'll see!

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Wow thank you for the update and your thoughts. Love you :DDDDDDD

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I haven't seen Fantastic Beasts yet so I shan't say anything about it but HOLY WOW I can't believe you and Who_la snagged Friday 40 tickets, that's so fantastic!!!

I'm so curious as to what you two think of the play on a 2nd watching! If you have different impressions, or if anything new stands out to you!

(ALSO can I ask for a weird favor?? You know the #KeepTheSecrets button that they give you at the end of the play? Which isn't called a 'button' in British english but I totally don't remember the right term for it right now? Mine fell off my bag here in Boston and I lost it, would it be super awful of me to ask if you could ask the guy that hands them out for an extra one for me?? I would totally pay you for the shipping!!!)

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