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We're celebrating this glorious day over at [ profile] writsbdayparty! The cunning [ profile] akatnamedeaster and [ profile] amorette have done a perfect job of hosting the celebrations and keeping it secret, but the comm has now been revealed and everyone can enjoy [ profile] writcraft's gifts and join the party.

I made an attempt at angst in her honour and you can read it at the comm:

Title: Hope
Author: birdsofshore
Pairings: Albus Severus Potter/Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Severus Potter/OFC
Word count: ~2800
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, unrequited love, drunken fumblings, lack of a happy ending, ham-fisted attempts to write angst. Oh and unbetaed!
CC compliant, I think? With one minor spoiler.
Summary: It wasn’t supposed to be like this. They belonged together, didn’t they?
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There have been some amazing things lately (I'm not even nearly on top of it all) and here is a mere handful of the lovely stuff that is out there:

Recs: two art and two fic )

WELL, in other news, I finished and submitted something for a fest (I had technically dropped this one but managed to get inspired again literally in the nick of time, hoorah!). I think a couple of you spotted me already, heh.

ANNNNNND I'm going to see Cursed Child on Wednesday and I'm PRETTY DARNED EXCITED. I won't post anything about it on my public LJ, but if you're not already on my Cursed Child filter and would like to be added, please let me know!

Bonus Albus/Scorp photo from rehearsals which may be inspiring for Next Genners:

MY HEART. I don't know what's happening here but I WANT MORE OF IT.
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I know some of us are feeling a little bit angsty about the Cursed Child publicity revving up this week. I found this art the perfect antidote to my 19 years later blues:

Happily Ever After by anon, at [ profile] harrydracompreg. I know not all of my flist are into mpreg, but this just shows a gorgeous (and strangely familiar ;)) family scene, nothing to do with pregnancy or birth. It's made me beam and remember how fandom can transform anything, even the bloody Epilogue, into something amazing. H/D, SFW.

Another thing I'd like to say is PLEASE can everyone dream up some beautiful Dracos for us all to enjoy at Draco's party (STARTING IN TWO DAYS at [ profile] dracomalfoy) so I can think about that, and not whatever horror (I'm expecting bald/ ugly Draco, at the very least) awaits us at Cursed Child.



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