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Four things which caught my eye this week:

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If you think I have been posting rather a lot this week, well, yes, it's a fair cop. I've really enjoyed it (and can only apologise if you haven't) but I'll probably dry up at last, now. Mr Birds was off all week helping with the kids because most of us were ill, and I felt too cruddy to write, so there was nothing much to do except read fic and talk nonsense on LJ. I'm a lot better now, though, and if I do get any spare time I should really spend it writing for some of these fests I have signed up for. O_O But thanks to everyone who has chatted with me - it has been a great distraction on some pretty crappy days. <3
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Gosh, Tom Felton is really SUPER-ADORABLE in my book. I think a lot of it is down to how much he genuinely loves and respects Draco, and you can see he still really gets a kick from connecting to fans and reminiscing about the films. This is a 30 minute interview he did at the Vancouver Fan Expo recently, and there are some corking moments including:

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It's up to you which order you want them, whether you want to end on a downer (I'm looking at you, [ profile] hd_hurtfest lovers ;-)), or get it over with first and then enjoy all of the happy.

(some images NSFW, depending on where you work)


~ Several people have been arrested in China for writing fanfic DDDD:

I like Jill Pantozzi's reponse to the news:
I say we double our slash efforts to support their freedom to fic. Who’s with me?

Sounds like a fine plan.


~ Every Harry Potter Movie Summarised in Terrible Microsoft Paint Drawings

This should possibly have gone over there with the terrible things. But I laughed. "gettin real sick of ur shit harree" XDD

~ That naughty Tom Felton is at it again, at Fan Expo, Vancouver 2014

~ These rather fabulous homo-erotic Finnish stamps

Tom of Finland stamps

but I prefer this version: (ALL WEEK I kept thinking, I have seen this art before somewhere...)

~ I was nominated at the [ profile] hpfanficfanpoll thingamabobs! Thank you very much to the person who thought of me. ♥  It's awfully flattering. Especially so when I look at the other people who have been nominated.

I don't know if they are waiting until the nominations period is over to tell people, but I didn't know my fic was in there, until [ profile] eidheann_writes posted about it. So do go and look, if you're interested, because there's some super stuff there.

~ I saved the best until last. Under a cut just to make the anticipation more thrilling.....

I want to see these on sale at Amazon, so I can put one on my wishlist and wait to see if my mother mentions it. At the bottom it would say "People who bought this, also shopped for.... TAKEN BY THE T-REX".

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But first....

~~ Further to the discussions about concrit etc etc (don't worry, I have absolutely zero desire to stir it all up again) I need to tell you I made some changes to my rec post for [ profile] megyal's gorgeous fic Truffles, Noble Lord of the Sky, and added an email that megyal sent me and asked to have included. It's here:

~~ Furthermore, [ profile] megyal, who is spoiling us this month, has written a gem of a story for my choice of trope: "forced bed sharing." O, forced bedsharing, how do I love thee? This fic is full of her usual poetry and magic, and at under 2k, it's a delicious treat. I read it twice and some of the lines made me stop and read them again and again because they are just so rich and fine.

when we're done sleeping (we'll stay busy dreaming)

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Yes it's the Bello magazine shoot. I'm just going to leave this here and sit and stare at it all day. Eating and washing is unnecessary. Sleep? What's that?

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I'm looking into having my retinas surgically altered so it just plays on there the whole time.

How someone touching their own neck can be this....


I have no idea.

I actually want to have a long and deep discussion about every minute aspect of this. Someone help me.
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Dear [ profile] fantasyfiend09, I was poking about in your journal trying to get an idea to surprise you, and I spotted that you are a Tom/Rupert shipper. Yay! I get an excuse to trawl around for pictures of the delicious Tom :D Once I got started, I could not stop because they are just so charming together. I hope you have a wondeful day, and please enjoy this birthday picspam with a Felton & Grint flavour.

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I am still reeling from Tom Felton's tweet which slipped by us all, two days before the news about the films were announced. Here it is again:

The sneaky little Slytherin! Tagging it with #ifonly like that made it look as if he was just saying "Ah, if only there could be another HP film." But he meant (I think) "There IS a new HP film and IF ONLY I COULD BE IN IT" :-O

Surely they will take him up on this? Surely? DON'T BURST MY BUBBLE, NOW. I do adore Tom F and if he were to pop up as a Malfoy ancestor, even for a second, I would be soooo thrilled. Which got me to thinking - they could have LOADS of the HP cast appear and do fabulous cameos as their own ancestors. This would be truly lovely. Can you imagine watching the film and suddenly a Weasley pops up in 20s gear and it's Rupert Grint? HAH!

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So. That's sorted, yes?  Or did I get it all wrong? Come and tell me all of the things.
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...and tumblr and twitter are exploding :DDD

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Dearest [ profile] icmezzo, I made you a birthday picspam! This was not at all just an excuse to maraud the internet looking at pretty boys, no no! I have specially chosen each thing JUST FOR YOU  ♥

You will be happy to hear some of the pictures are rather NSFW, by the way :D

Hope you are having a wonderful day!  ♥ ♥

(p.s. dear flist, feel free to enjoy the pictures even if you are not [ profile] icmezzo :D)

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Oh yes, you can put your arm round him oh-so-innocently, and smile sweetly as if you just happened to be popping in to see your old mate in his new play. You are not fooling me; you knew damn well this would be warming the cockles of a million fangirls' inboxes by the morning.

I dislike the back view in the mirror, though, because in my head Dan was groping his arse :DDD


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