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I have no time to compose anything coherent, but I NEED to splurge feels in your general direction.

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Fandom has made me so happy this week! I never realised how major my semi-public sex kink is before, but I have been rolling around like a pig in clover over at the Anywhere but the Bed comment fest.

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In other news, [ profile] hd_fanart is claiming tomorrow for their fest! I'm excited to see if any of my prompts get claimed. The perusal post is here. I have been really, utterly spoilt for art this year but it just makes me crave more, I'm afraid, so I will be staking out the list of prompts and hoping to see that 'claimed' sign next to one or more of mine.... *fingers crossed*
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Well, wasn't the [ profile] dracotops_harry fest bloody marvellous? I was in clover. Bucketloads of smut, toppy!Draco, loads of humour, so many favourite tropes and kinks, romance, not too much plot ;-), and some phenomenal art too.

In the interests of clearing the boards before I start on [ profile] hp_kinkfest, and *cough* possibly to score a few points at writ's Comment-a-thon as well, here is my second batch of recs from the fest. There were actually others that I could have recced; I have just picked my top top favourites.

4 recs for Harry/Draco, and 1 for Sherlock RPS crossover O_o )
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Title: Clone Wars
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~2100
Characters: A lucky dip of fandom favourites
Summary: They met in the dingy back room of a shady-looking pub in Knockturn Alley: a Frost Giant, a consulting detective, an Academy Award-winning actor... and a pointy git.
Warnings: Crossover. Unbetaed. One of those ideas you have at 4 am, then wake up and say 'naaaah.' Except I went ahead and wrote it.

A/N: For the delicious [ profile] who_la_hoop, on her birthday. I was going to say that this is probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever written, but, who am I kidding? This is, without question, the most ridiculous thing I have ever written, inspired by many a conversation with Ms Hoop herself. So, basically, yeah, blame her. :D

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But first....

~~ Further to the discussions about concrit etc etc (don't worry, I have absolutely zero desire to stir it all up again) I need to tell you I made some changes to my rec post for [ profile] megyal's gorgeous fic Truffles, Noble Lord of the Sky, and added an email that megyal sent me and asked to have included. It's here:

~~ Furthermore, [ profile] megyal, who is spoiling us this month, has written a gem of a story for my choice of trope: "forced bed sharing." O, forced bedsharing, how do I love thee? This fic is full of her usual poetry and magic, and at under 2k, it's a delicious treat. I read it twice and some of the lines made me stop and read them again and again because they are just so rich and fine.

when we're done sleeping (we'll stay busy dreaming)

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I think I am in love with Leigh Lahav. Her videos are so funny, clever and cute, and she makes being a fangirl look COOL instead of sad and desperate.

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This made me laugh this week:

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J and I have been watching the Hitchhikers' TV series and now I REALLY REALLY NEED MORE FORD / ARTHUR SLASH. I am not proud. I'm begging you, flist. Omi wrote me this wonderful thing but it just made me want moooooore.
Capitu is hosting this interesting rec list. Yay, for reminders of much-loved stories, and finding new authors and fics:

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Did you see the first Level Two episode? What did you think? My crushing on artists is reaching new, preposterous heights, because there is more than one of my favourite artists working on this project TOGETHER, and my heart just can't take it. Look at this:

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Finally, I am impatient for [ profile] hp_drizzle and [ profile] hp_silencio to start posting!! New fests woohoo!

How was your fandom week?
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Look at the beautiful prints and cards and cushions and t-shirts and generally fabulous stuff with designs by [ profile] phoenixacid! There is free postage worldwide this week and I am buying this:

I can't wait! I love the colours and the simple but instantly recognisable motifs, with all the associations they give you of that character. So clever. I have not decided where to put it yet, maybe the bathroom, or the hall, so I can think about Sherlock every time I walk past. I was going to ask for it for my birthday in a couple of months, but now with free shipping I have decided it would really be impolite not to buy it straight away ;-)
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Well, this week LJ was a sod, so I had to go and play with my bit on the side, tumblr, instead, and read and look at lots of things on there. This means that this post is maybe a bit more about Sherlock than HP. I also had so much fun catching up on watching Graham Norton, with both Benedict Cumberbatch, and Daniel Radcliffe. I have not watched so much TV for months.

Daniel Radcliffe interview )

Benedict Cumberbatch interview )

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I have got some sensible recs, for H/D, too, but this post is long enough, plus as usual the fonts and spacings on LJ are driving me insane, so I'll do them later.

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Right, a matter of great pressing importance. Mr Birds broke my favourite mug for tea, and I need another one.

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