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Smoochfest was so very exciting this year; I still haven't read everything but I am trying to work my way through as many as possible. There were so many absolutely corking things, weren't there?

I'm posting a link here to my fic, Hungry. It's the first time I have attempted an 8th year story, and I had a real hoot writing it, so I hope you enjoy it if you would like to give it a try.

Also wanted to say thank you to all who have read and commented with such gloriously generous comments. THANK YOU ♥ ♥

Hungry )
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but come and see if you can teach Akinator to guess Stanley the beetle from All Life is Yours to Miss. I've done it once, so with luck it should start to work, now.

If you have not played Akinator before, it is a really clever and surprising programme for guessing what character you are thinking of. For instance, it can guess if you are thinking of Draco Malfoy in about 12 questions, which is quite scary. It even asked me if I was in love with him! (for the record, I said 'probably', which was a bit coy of me, but then it's quite a personal question :DD)

However - one question it asked me about Stanley, I was not sure of the answer. It asked if Stanley could fly and I was like "oooooooh, CAN he?"
I mean, beetles do usually have wings, but not all beetles can fly, and perhaps Stanley could fly if he was little, but is not aerodynamic enough at his expanded size. Does it mention it in the fic? I can't remember.

E.T.A. quote from All Life is Yours

"Stanley hops from side to side and flaps his (non-functioning—Draco has checked) wings in a well-worn entreaty to be picked up and carried around, but receives only a stern look in response."

I now need to know HOW you check a beetle's wings are non-functioning. I strongly suspect Stanley of shamming. He can fly really. I just know it.
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I could be wrong, but I don't think this person has a lot of H/D fen on her flist. I think in about, hmm, about 3 days, she might have a few more ;-)


You have to scroll down a little bit, but it's all beautiful, so don't scroll too fast. :D

Enjoy it. You're welcome. :DDD Please tell me if you see any more Stanley art.

Would it be bad etiquette to message the completely mysterious author of All Life Is Yours to Miss already?
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Two quick ones from [ profile] hd_smoochfest:

Title: Feels Like Falling
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry and Draco are rival circus performers, but their rehearsals are not for public viewing. :3
Rating: G

This is nothing less than stunning. Parts of my brain stop working every time I go to look it. Thus, I cannot write a coherent rec, other than: everyone should please go and look immediately.

Title: Black Island
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Hermione/Ron (in background)
Summary: Most people would think that seven days on a tropical island would be a week in paradise, unless they were stranded on the island with their ex-husband.
Rating: R (hard R)
Word Count: 24,500

This is a gem! I love the tropical setting, and the fact that Harry and Draco are ex-spouses when the story begins. It has lovely flangst, a great emotional journey and bags of UST.

Finally, I am halfway through Tug-O-Want, and that's another corker, so take this as a rec-on-the-hoof.

*beams at all the happy, smoochy, art and fic*
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I am having THE BEST DAY. [ profile] raitala drew me some art and I feel like I won the jackpot. You have to see it, it's just stunning and Harry and Draco have never looked better. There's leather, and muscles, and smirking, and bare skin, and posing, and hipbones. Come and join the happy crowds gathering round it and drooling:

Tropes: Quidditch Players

PLUS, there's a lovely fic posted at [ profile] hd_smoochfest which has made me laugh and hug myself in delight. The Comfort of Tea. It's got tea and pissing and a delightful Draco and a lovely oblivious Harry. And a plate of caramel and gherkin biscuits. :DD

Hoorah for Fridays!
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I just wanted to wrap up the Draco's birthday love fest with a big ♥ ♥ thank you ♥ ♥ to everyone who joined in.

Draco's birthday love fest... )

Cliche Celebration post... )

Two recs for Smoochfest... )

There are lots more things I want to post about, but I must leave it there before this gets any longer. Hope you are all having a good week?
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I just got the [ profile] hd_smoochfest prompt I wanted! ♥

I did not get chucked out of [ profile] slythindor100's drabble contest yet! ♥ (I reckon it was a close thing this week). And there's a new prompt in an hour and a half.

[ profile] hd_remix and [ profile] bottom_draco started posting today! ♥

By the way, what is the etiquette for commenting on adaptation fics / art when you are not familiar with the original? I can't really say "This looks great and I can see you've put a lot of work into it. However, I don't know any of the characters or get any of the jokes. Bye!"

Conversely, if I only comment on the ones I know about, that will be about 4 fics. O.o

I am the H/D monthly reccer at [ profile] crack_broom this month! ♥ Erm. I had really better think about what I am going to rec.

Finally, you have to see this monster Lego model Hogwarts a fan made. ♥ The detail and scale of it is stunning! My boys want to know why I don't do cool stuff like that. We have had such fun looking at all the different rooms and discussing the scenes. There's going to be videos and timelapse of the set up in a week or two, so I am looking forward to getting over-excited all over again. Hooray for you too, Alice Finch, you crazy superb Lego lady!



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