May. 20th, 2016

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I got tagged at [ profile] wand_in_a_knot and wrote Draco/Albus Severus for the lovely prompt of voyeur.

Title: Fit
Creator: birdsofshore
Pairing /Character: Draco / Albus Severus
Summary: Draco needs a new suit. Albus is keen to assist in any way possible.
Rating: NC-17
Word count/art medium/podfic length: ~4k
Warnings/Content: Age disparity. Unbetaed and written in haste. Clothing kink. Suit kink. Shameless eroticisation of one Draco Malfoy. Unwilling arousal. Wanking. Blow job. Basically your usual self-indulgent Birds PWP. :D

I was terribly excited to be involved in the challenge, and luckily could carve out a good chunk of time to write on the day I got tagged. But I found it awfully difficult in the end. I was too ambitious with my idea, and also, it took me a long time to get going. I think I wrote 500 words in the first two hours. I had tons of ideas for the story and also got sidetracked by ~research *cough*. There is a LOT of research to do on suits, waistcoats, tailoring and specifically, how men look wearing sharp suits. DAMN YOU, INTERNET.

I wrote steadily through the evening, but ended up panicking my arse off with an hour to go, and found that part completely paralysing. I like to spend a lot of time on a fic, doing things like picturing how something looks, or choosing just the right word, and I found that the pressure of time meant THERE WERE NO WORDS. It got kind of scary at the end. I wrote the sex scene in about twenty minutes, and it really shows :((

I also found it incredibly hard not to be able to go in and edit the next day! I always say I hate editing, but it turns out, I actually love it. I woke up the next day still feeling very immersed in the world of the fic and with loads of ideas for how to improve it. Of course, it's not in the spirit of the challenge to carry on writing your piece after the 24 hours are up, so I have left it as is, but it feels a bit like being out in public with greasy hair and ketchup on my shirt. I may rewrite when the fest is finished, I'm not sure.

Meanwhile if you decide to try my story, I hope you enjoy what there I came up with! It was fascinating to participate in this challenge and there are some fabulous pieces over at the comm and plenty more to come. Please have a look at [ profile] wand_in_a_knot if you're not following the fest already. Thank you to the amazing mods for organising this for the HP fandom and for putting up with my dorkish behaviour. ♥



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